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Chemical Reviews article citing the PCS

The PCS is cited in our recent Chemical Reviews publication entitled: Native Chemical Ligation and Extended Methods: Mechanisms, Catalysis, Scope, and Limitations (10.1021/acs.chemrev.8b00712). (...)

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Experience the new PCS-GO (Graphical Overview) module

A fully interactive graphical overview of the PCS database is now available online here.
The content of the database can be explored at a glance by clicking on the charts to deliver a synoptic (...)

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September 29th update : New Entries and Makeover

The latest achievements of 2017 were added to the database (along with some omissions from previous years...). PCS-DB now counts up to 761 entries collected from more than 500 articles ! (...)

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Spring 2018 update (814)

Good bye 2017, hello 2018 !
Beyond new entries (now 814) and a revamped interface, you will notice numerous quality of life improvements in the PCS-DB module (author search field, link to (...)

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Spring 2019 // Update finished

2019 is here already and the thousand protein mark is not that far off !
For any question / suggestion / correction, please do not forget to contact (...)

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The protein chemical synthesis (PCS) database...

The protein chemical synthesis (PCS) database was created by collecting various informations from > 450 articles published over the period 1994-july 2017. The database will be updated regularly. (...)

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2017.07.03 Update: STL, KAHA and DSL ligations enter the PCS-DB

STL, KAHA and DSL ligations are recognized methods to produce synthetic proteins by chemical ligation approaches. As such, they now enrich the content of the PCS database that can be viewed (...)

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