The protein chemical synthesis (PCS) [1] database was created by collecting various informations from > 600 articles published over the period 1994-today. The database is regularly updated and new search functionalities as well as quality of life improvements are also added.

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Content of the PCS database

We considered the reports describing the total synthesis of peptides or proteins of biological significance and excluded works describing the synthesis of model peptides, polymers, hybrid materials and so forth.

We compiled the proteins produced by NCL [2] and extended methodologies. By extended methodologies we consider the methods for which the thioester segment is substituted by a thioester surrogate (selenoester, hydrazide, Nbz, O,S, N,S, and N,Se acyl shift systems), or for which the Cys segment is substituted by a thiol or selenol amino acid residue (thiol-based auxiliaries linked to the alpha-amino group, mercapto or seleno amino acid surrogates). Some proteins produced using EPL were also included.

Other ligation techniques not relying on thiol-thioester exchanges such as serine threonine ligation (STL) [3], alpha-ketoacid-hydroxylamine (KAHA) ligation [4] or the diselenide-selenoester ligation (DSL) [5] are also included.

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