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6 May 2019

Chemical Reviews article citing the PCS

The PCS is cited in our recent Chemical Reviews publication entitled: Native Chemical Ligation and Extended Methods: Mechanisms, Catalysis, Scope, and Limitations (10.1021/acs.chemrev.8b00712). (...)

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2 December 2018

Spring 2019 // Update finished

2019 is here already and the thousand protein mark is not that far off !
For any question / suggestion / correction, please do not forget to contact (...)

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20 April 2018

Spring 2018 update (814)

Good bye 2017, hello 2018 !
Beyond new entries (now 814) and a revamped interface, you will notice numerous quality of life improvements in the PCS-DB module (author search field, link to (...)

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29 September 2017

September 29th update : New Entries and Makeover

The latest achievements of 2017 were added to the database (along with some omissions from previous years...). PCS-DB now counts up to 761 entries collected from more than 500 articles ! (...)

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5 July 2017

Experience the new PCS-GO (Graphical Overview) module

A fully interactive graphical overview of the PCS database is now available online here.
The content of the database can be explored at a glance by clicking on the charts to deliver a synoptic (...)

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