The interface of the PCS database is composed of the different zones framed in red boxes.

Boxes A to F are user-controlled filters that allows screening the database in search of the corresponding protein/reference couples (displayed into frame G). Frame I is a graphical indicators. Clicking the funnel in the J area instantly clear all filters


Box A. Year of publication (1994 to present year)


Box B. Ligation type

(multiple selection allowed).

The answers displayed in frame L account for all proteins synthesized with the selected type of ligation used at least once.


Box C. Author search


Box D. Protein Length

A numeric range slicer is available to filter the results by size



This panel is composed of multiple filters related to the chemical design, i.e. the number of ligations used to assemble a protein, the use of solid phase approaches, auxiliaries, amino acid surrogates or post-ligation treatments such as desulfurization.

If not modified, the EPL filter displays all proteins, should they be prepared by EPL or not. If TRUE is checked, only proteins made by EPL are shown. If NO is checked, only proteins not made by EPL are shown.

Otherwise, each filter can be activated / deactivated by clicking the colored boxes (Ctrl + mouse click allows multiple selection: for example to find out which proteins has been synthesized using surrogates AND auxiliaries).

Concerning the amino acid surrogates, the search can be refined by scrolling down and selecting specific surrogates within the "surrogate type" search box. Cysteine is not considered as a surrogate of alanine.



Filters protein/reference couples depending on the nature of the C-terminal residue X present in the peptidyl thioester.

Each filter can be activated / deactivated by clicking the colored boxes (Ctrl + mouse click allows multiple selection)


Box G. Display area

Box G displays results as a “protein/reference” couple (can be scrolled down).


Box H. Link to abstracts


Box I. Answer count, size and average number of ligations used to assemble the proteins in the answer set.


Box J. Clear Filter Button